ZTE gearing up to launch Nexus-like devices with Stock Android


Google, with its recently launched Pixel smartphones, has taken the market by storm. By comprising high-end features and powerful specifications in its Pixel and Pixel XL, Google proved that it is serious about the hardware market. But with the dawn of Pixel smartphones, the budget-friendly Nexus handsets took the head off from the smartphone market.  While many mobile phone lovers used to evoke Nexus and its affordable price tag, ZTE, the Chinese Conglomerate seems to reawaken the spirit of Nexus smartphones in coming days.

As stated by Phandroid, ZTE could relight the Nexus spirit with Stock Android smartphones. Presently, ZTE appears to fill the fissure of affordable Nexus mobiles. The Chinese Giant is reported to gearing up for launching stock Android smartphones following the results of a community survey, held in September. The community poll, ZTE found that more mobile users preferred stock or near-stock Android experience, which is usually found in Nexus models. The company is busy on surveying the views of the users on why they incline toward an unadulterated affair.

As per the testimony of ZTE, in the survey poll, we have clearly and loudly heard the say-so of communities for stock or near-stock Android! However, everybody has distinctive explanations behind this inclination, and in the current week’s survey, we have asked the users to select the top reason from the rundown why they love stock Android more. After the finishing of the poll, we will take main two or even three determinations into account.

In the poll, ZTE has provided the participants a few options why they prefer Android which may include: “Quicker updates,” “Longer support,” “Cleaner user interface and skin,” “Better overall performance,” “Less bloatware,” “Lower defects” and “Greater dev support for custom ROMs.”

Earlier, ZTE was expected to go the “stock-ish” direction, followed by Motorola, with only a few standard specifications and functionalities, but now it seems the company is quite serious about the new mission and will configure the phones with additional features and will give more emphasis on quick updates and a range of affordable price, which all an ex-Nexus owner really wants to have.

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  • The ZTE Axon 7 (5.5″, 1440p AMOLED, front stereo speakers) would be PERFECT right now — if it also had Qi wireless charging — like Samsung still does, even with the new connector. It’s not either/or the new connector, Qi wireless. It can be BOTH.

    The ZTE Axon 7 has unlock-able bootloader and now has CM release, with ZTE helping sync audio sources.

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