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After announcing the 3-day open sale for 100K units of Yu Yuphoria smartphones at Amazon.in the manufacturer, Yu Televentures has reported that its YuFit fitness tracker  will go on sale on July 29. The registrations for the sale will commence on Tuesday at 12:00 pm. The company also offers first 1000 buyers of the wearable device, a free access to a coach via HealthifyMe.

HealthyfyMe is a startup, in which Yu has invested. It is is a virtual weight-loss coach that monitors diet and exercise to help users stay healthy and #GetInShape. The app is designed keeping Indian fitness and diet trends in mind and feature’s the world’s first Indian calorie counter.

Using the app, users can also connect with a qualified team of nutritionists, fitness trainers and yoga instructors who will guide you personally and purchase wearables such as RIST and the YUFIT Band. The subscriptions prices for coach starts from Rs. 1,800 for two months, meanwhile, the company charges Rs. 10,000 from the users for the same for a year.

The Yu Fit band is featured with an OLED display that can track the user’s sleep, footsteps. It also notifies the users for an incoming call or message. It also provides an SOS feature that enables the users to send distress messages to a selected phone number.

According to the reviewers, the fitness band still needs some improvements as after using the device for few hours, it seems the device isn’t tracking the accurate footsteps. However, the SOS feature was triggering too easily.



-A calorie tracker with 10,000 Indian dishes from across 13 regions.

-Calorie Counter includes a detailed breakdown of macronutrients – proteins, fats, carbs and fiber and offers multiple serving sizes in the Indian context (for eg, one katori of dal).  The database covers common restaurant dishes and packaged foods.

-It also covers of over 500 exercises and activities.

-Individualized count of calories burned, based on user’s height and weight. The app also has the option of entering calories burnt manually.

-Wirelessly sync your YUFIT Band with your Android device to track your daily goals and progress over time for steps, distance, calories burned and more.

-Use GPS Live Track to monitor your walks, runs and bike trails.

-Live experts – including dieticians and fitness trainers – for consultation.

-Customized Plans made by our qualified team of experts.

-Photo and Voice Tracking, which allows users to feed information by just taking a photo, or saying what they ate, instead of typing the data.


Set your goal: Be it weight loss, exercising more or eating better, the app builds a tailored program for you.

Expert Connect: Get connected with a team of nutritionists, fitness trainers & yoga instructors who provide custom-built diet plans and exercise plan. They are also available for one-on-one virtual counselling and are always connected with you via messaging/ WhatsApp.

Calorie Tracking: Log your diet and exercise activities to know the calories consumed and burned. The app feature’s the world’s first Indian calorie counter and includes a GPS tracker. Get contextual feedback and remain on track.

Connect Devices: Wear your health! Buy the HealthifyMe RIST or YUFIT Band and sync your activity and sleep data seamlessly with the app over Bluetooth.



First Published on July 20, 2015 at 01:10 pm
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