YouTube is all set to eliminate inappropriate family-friendly content

youtube updated security feature

YouTube is most popular entertainment platform for everyone from kids to adults. With the vast number of videos listed in several categories, a new trend is affecting the site on which the content is passing as family friendly but not. As YouTube has the users of every age, the content may be proper for the adults but objectionable for kids or the families at the same time.

Therefore, in order to maintain the content for everyone Youtube has taken specific actions which also the organisation has mentioned on company’s official blog page. Johanna Wright who is Vice President of Product Management at YouTube shared the information.

The firm confirmed that it has the policies against child endangerment, The experts have removed the data which was featuring minors or can be endangering for children. The intent of the company to expand the enforcement guidelines is so strong as the company has terminated the more than 50 channels and also removed thousands of videos. The policies for age-restrict content have been implemented, even for the content which is for families but has adult humour or theme. The firm is also using the automated technology to find the content for human review.

The company has also targeted to remove the ads from improper videos. Any content which is involving the violent, offensive or rude behaviour of characters who are representing a family even for a comic or sarcastic purpose, will have no ads. More than 3 million ads have been removed, and ads from 500k violative videos will get removed under the policy.

The company is planning to take a proactive stand against inappropriate comments on videos featuring minors and working with NCMEC to report unlawful activity to law enforcement. The aim is to turn off such comments; Meanwhile, the company has used the combination of automated system and human flagging to remove such remarks from the videos.

YouTube also initiated in providing content to all by introducing YouTube kids. So that people can watch family friendly content. The platform is also up for providing the guidance to help creators to know, how can they make quality content for families.

The corporation is growing the team of experts which can make them understand how the content should get treated, for example, the cartoons which are targeting adults must not be viewed by children, and likewise, an adult dressed with objectionable character could be inappropriate for the audience. Therefore, management is also increasing the number of trusted flaggers.

The company is investing in the technology and human resource to get full command of the new practices. As the new enforcement changes can take a period to get in shape, also thousands of people are working on monitoring, reviewing to make proper decisions on content policies and ads. The team is committed to making the issue sorted and continuously trying to deliver results.

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