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YouTube Mod APK: Enjoy premium version for Free!

YouTube Mod APK


YouTube is one of the largest and most visited app . Unlike other small video making apps, YouTube incorporates many genres of videos. It is one of the oldest channel providing platform to many talented persons. YouTube provides employment to most of the influencers and content creators.

It holds a platform for you as well to showcase your talent. There is no limit or length to upload videos and hence is used by every other persons. It not only provides platform but it also provides videos, movies, music albums, educational videos and many more and in almost every language.


Name YouTube MOD APK
Genre Social, Entertainment
Size 32 Mb
Publisher Google
OS Android 5.0+
Version 16.10.34
MOD Features Available
Google Play Link

Download Now

Not only the content creators use YouTube, but the common people as well use YouTube in many ways, either to learn something, watch movie or spend their leisure time to entertain themselves with others contents. But, are you annoyed of the ads that comes in between? Then you must be frustrated if you aren’t  able to play ad-free YouTube Premium. If yes, then we have brought to you the APK version of this application for free.

Don’t spend your valuable money in buying the premium version of YouTube. Instead use the link provided below to download this application and enjoy all the premium version for Free!

Features of YouTube Mod Apk

1. Graphics and Video Quality:

This app definitely keeps the potency to provide you the videos in best quality. You can adjust the quality of the videos according to your internet speed. Also, watch your favorite youtubers at HD quality, enjoy your movies in HD quality to get a realistic theater experience. Also, there is compensation with the sound quality as well. Both videos and audios are provided with the best!

2. Vast Content:

Today, YouTube is steadily improving and progressing. New features include discovery, which allows you to find unique editor-selected content as well as your favorite categories such as current affairs, games, educations etc.

In addition, YouTube has added two new features: Story and Short Video. It’s built similarly other social media apps. Now you can upload short videos of yours or can watch the updates made by your favorite youtubers.

3. Live streaming:

The majority of well-known artists have their own YouTube channel. They also perform chat shows from period to period to discuss and reconnect with their fans. You can enter the live stream at this same time, give feedback, and connect with your icon.
You can communicate with your icons by leaving comments as well.

4. Play in background Option:

Since YouTube’s beginning of the growing season, this is one of the features that users have been anticipating. Users sometimes prefer YouTube over an MP3 player software.

However, they must keep the phone’s screen unlocked at all times, or the app will automatically pause the video .As a result of which one could not switch to other apps or multitask, so the background music option was developed.
It comes as part of the premium package.

Hence, in this apk we are providing you this feature free of cost.

5. Dark Mode:

There is a dark mode in this app. This feature is so relaxing for the eyes. You don’t have to stress your eyes while watching videos. Lower power can help you watch videos in dark as well.

6. Download any Video:

People love YouTube, they enjoy the contents of the YouTube. One can download few videos from the Original YouTube app but not all. Since, this apk app provide the options to download any video you want.

You can download videos and save it in better quality so that you can watch is later without using the internet. This is one of the best quality of the YouTube that is available in this APK version.

7. Download Any Music:

The same app also helps users to stream music. If you enjoy the music and wish to save it to your smartphone then you don’t need any other software for that.
Your chosen videos will be saved directly to your device. You can view them without the need for an internet connection from anywhere.

8. No Need for Permissions:

It’s now easy to use YouTube Mod APK. Since you do not need to give permissions to your Android in order to download and install the YouTube Mod.

Any time we try to install a mod programme, it asks us to first give permission to access out phone. That is extremely dangerous for your data.
But this APK version does not require permission. So your data is safe with you!

9. Safety:

YouTube has norms and policies. Any video that is violating these norms are taken down. If you feel like any one has posted any video that is not appropriate in this platform  then you can report them. Many reports may lead to deletion of that video.

Similarly, think before you post. The norms are tight. If the YouTube community considers your video against their norms, they make take down your video after sending you warnings.

So, this is definitely a safe platform to the YouTubers as well as the viewers.


YouTube, one of the largest platform with millions of videos from ever genre. This is the oldest and most used app by everyone. It provides platform to showcase talent, employment, entertain everything. It comes with millions of videos all with different genres. There are videos in almost every language along with subtitles.

Perhaps this app is definitely free to use but it comes with some limitations that can be overcome by upgrading to premium version. The premium features includes, adds free videos, play YouTube in background, download videos in high quality, dark mode etc. But upgrading premium version is definitely going to cost several bucks.

Here, we are providing you the APK version of this app with all the premium features that too free of cost. As you might have gone through the whole article, you must have got to know all the features of this APK version of Youtube.

Get this application free of cost and  enjoy the YouTube without any interruptions.

How to Download YouTube Mod APK

  • Firstly, uninstall the previous version of this Application.
  • Secondly, download this application from the link given below in this article.
  • Now, select the option from the settings to allow your device to download from unknown sources.
  • And now install the downloaded app in your smartphone.
  • Finally, the app with unlimited mod features is ready to use.

Download Link:

Use the following link to download the app.

APK Link:

YouTube Mod APK: FAQs

  1. Is this application available free of cost?

Yes, this application is available absolutely free of cost.

  1. Is this application safe to use?

Yes, definitely this application is safe to use.

  1. Is this application age restricted?

There is no as such age restrictions to use this application. It is suitable for all the age groups.

  1. Can I share my account with other users?

No, sharing of account is not permitted in this application

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