YouTube Kids app releasing next week will offer content exclusively for children

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suitGoogle announced to release a new YouTube app focusing on the content that is suitable for the kids. Dubbed as YouTube Kids, the app will provide several parental controls and the videos that are educational and does not harm the child’s mind in any way.

YouTube is already famous among every Internet user for exploring new videos related to entertainment, music, news, documentaries, movies, trailers, educational videos and more. It has apparently become of the source of entertainment and education at the same time,. However, kids were not yet there in the scene as there are videos that are not suitable for the children to watch them.

With YouTube Kids app, parents will be able to provide their kids with access to the largest online video library without worrying about the content type. Parents will be offered with controls to limit the amount of time spent by the kid in front of the screen and much more.

Company announced the launch of this application this Monday at a children’s entertainment industry conference, and it is set to release next week. YouTube has also confirmed this claim.

Earlier it was reported that the Google is working on bringing the content that is safe for the kids to watch. However, it was least expected that the company will launch a new app apart from the mainstream YouTube application.

Facebook and Google do not provide any service to kids below the age group of 13. However, this is probably the first time when company is launching a service exclusively for the children. Soon we may see other companies jumping in the territory to provide this underage group with some exciting services.

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