YouTube to introduce subscription based video-on-demand service

As per the several reports, YouTube is going to introduce an on-demand service for the videos online. A very particular set of videos, which sources suggest are going to be filmed under the YouTube’s banner, will be presented to the users with video on demand subscription.

Apparently, the video sharing website is trying to explore the realm of subscription-based videos. The service is expected to be similar to Music Service Key program, which provides an ad-free access to the music and free streaming on the Google Play Music for a starting price of $7.99 or Rs. 500 a month.

Google has denied saying a word about it, however, reports suggest that these rumors surfaced after an unnamed executive of the company involved with YouTube in this program shed some words on it. Probably, the move is to conquer the online streaming services from companies such as HBO, and for squashing the existence of other video sharing websites on the Internet.

However, this will not only help YouTube to gain more popularity, but will also assist the creators earn more money. By producing the paid content, the authors can be even paid more for providing the subscription based content.

For now, the YouTube is only paying these producers on the basis of advertisement programs and other referral sources. However, introduction of this rumored program can make them even more wealthy.

YouTube video on demand service will increase more competition among other paid streaming services and will apparently lure the traditional cable TV network providers to push their content online.

YouTube also provides an opportunity for its users to watch latest movies and shows online by paying a minimal charge. It gives them a chance to watch movies in case it has been turned down from the nearest cinema.

YouTube is one of the largest video-sharing websites owned by Google and is already making its way from the computer screens to the living rooms.

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