WhatsApp shares contact details with Facebook: Truth or Myth

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WhatsApp is the dearest of millions of people around the world seeking for instant messaging, mostly due to its convenient platform, easy-to-use tricks, faster processing, and sheltered privacy policy. However, few months before, the Social Media King Facebook acquired WhatsApp, and now WhatsApp has brought up a major transformation into its privacy policy, according to which WhatsApp will now share the contact details of users to its parental company Facebook.

Details about the modifications:

WhatsApp, during a surprise announcement, declared a new amendment to its privacy policy for the enhancement of the Facebook promotions and specification encounters and this amendment in initial stage would provide the contact details of the WhatsApp users to Facebook. This will actually mean more focused on publicizing; however appears to be a significant takeoff from what the administration remained for.

When contacted with WhatsApp’s CEO, Jan Koum, he said, “no other organizations will get a chance to interfere in between our two agencies in the event that we needed to bargain on the center rule that will dependably characterize our company, our vision, and our services.”

This new privacy policy of sharing contact details of WhatsApp will open up several opportunities to different companies, like an airline company notifying you about a delayed departure or your bank sending alerts on suspicious transactions.

Each and every user of Facebook can now receive and utilize this information for different purposes like developing communications and delivery systems, by understanding how the services of Facebook and their too are being used, protecting systems, and skirmishing spam, ill-treatment, or contravention activities.

But if you see the other side of this new policy, WhatsApp is a free service and should remain open, instead of merging its services with Facebook or nay other companies.

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