Yea or Nay: DNA clinches how many kids you’ll have

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If you are living with the misconception that the timing of your first kid firmly depends on societal circumstances or your personal decision, then it’s time to rethink because scientists found that, DNA (De-Oxy Ribo Nucleic Acid) clinches when you will have your first child. Scientists, while experimenting on certain reproductive behaviours, concluded that the age when one will have his/her first baby and the number of children are prone to DNA.

In addition to this, scientists also have discovered a biological basis which influences the reproductive behaviour. Till now, the sexual behaviour was believed to be operated in the course of personal choices or social circumstances, but the new study report drove the possibilities of falsifying the previous belief, as it claimed that the timing and number of children depend on DNA.

The medical research, which was led by a group of researchers at the University of Oxford, concludes that DNA is responsible for the timing and number of children. In the research, the researchers include 2, 38,064 men and women analyse the data received from them about the age at which they conceived their first baby. The survey also included 3, 30,000 males and females and their given data about the number of children they have.

While commenting on this matter, Professor Melinda Mills said, throughout the research, for the first time, we came to know that DNA areas are linked up with reproductive behaviours. Along with this, we also have achieved accomplishment in figuring out that women having alternation with differing maternity do also have variation in DNA code that are keenly related to the onset menstruation or later menopause.

The new invention is likely to help doctors in the future time to answer the question – ‘How late can you wait?’

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