Yahoo reports intrusion in 32 million user accounts: forged cookies found to be the modus operandi


Yahoo reported and disclosed the fact that about 32 million accounts of its users were allegedly accessed by intruders on the Internet in the past two years. The intrusion to such a huge number of user accounts was made possible used forges cookies that the tech giant, Yahoo uses to store the user details for access from different devices.

The company had reported two massive data breaches last year, and in the latest report of unauthorized access to such a vast number of users, account puts a question mark over the security concerns. It is believed that the latest intrusions are somehow connected to the same source as the 2014 breach which had affected about 500 million accounts worldwide.

The forged cookies have been put out of use so as to avoid further damage. The forged cookies had enabled the intruders to access this large number of accounts without a password. Last December Yahoo reported that about a billion accounts on its domain had been compromised thereby making it the largest data breach in the history. These claims are a part of the findings by an independent committee that oversees the data integrity and security aspects of the company. As the reports of the compromise surfaced on Wednesday, bonus for 2016 would not be awarded to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.

Earlier Verizon Communications Inc. had offered to buy in the core assets of once-popular Internet giant, Yahoo for a sum of around 5 billion USD. At the wake of such reports about the data breach on the users’ account and few other security concerns, Verizon has lowered its offer for the acquisition by 350 million USD.

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