Yahoo Inc. to launch end-to-end email encryption later in 2015

Yahoo Inc. will soon start allowing its users to encrypt and send emails over the Internet with just a click. The software, which is currently in beta phase, has been rolled out to the developers for the testing purposes. The feature will significantly increase the level of privacy in the emails that are being sent in and out from the user’s computers, or from the web.

Yahoo said that they were concerned about the prying eyes of the government agencies and state-sponsored hackers that are involved in breaching the email communication services. Putting the encryption in the hands of the users will make it even harder for the above mentioned to crack and collect the information.

Yahoo chief information security officer said that the company aims at putting these advanced security features in the hand of users who are capable enough to write an email. With just a button, the entire email will be encrypted and sent to the recipient through a secure channel.

Alex Stamos, chief information security officer Yahoo, said, “Our goal is to have this available by the end of the year. Anybody who has the ability to write an email should have no problem using our email encryption.”

Yahoo is currently pushing the code on the GitHub to receive the feedback from the wider information security community.

It is without a doubt that by encrypting an email reduces the risk of unauthorized access to a significant level, however, the company is also introducing a new methodology for its users to dump the traditional passwords. By sending an SMS code for the authentication company will protect a majority of its users from conventional phishing attacks.

Privacy has become a serious issue since Edward Snowden, former NSA contractor, revealed the government acts of spying on almost every individual. There have been reports about NSA and GCHQ involved in several spying activities and warrantless data breach on several people around the world.

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