Is Xiaomi unveiling its smartwatch in the event scheduled for tomorrow?

Xiaomi Smartwatch - The TeCake
Xiaomi Smartwatch is expected to make its debut in market in an event that is scheduled for November 24.

The Beijing-based firm, Xiaomi has proven its mettle as far as making smartphones goes. But it is not just stopping there, and it is expected that the Chinese phone maker is now keen to manufacture a smartwatch. As per the reports and assumptions, Xiaomi is expectedly launching its smartwatch tomorrow.

The Vice President, Xiaomi International has shared the future plans of the company in a YouTube video, dated November 21, 2015. Although the company was aware of launching the wearable product in the electronics market, but it was watching the market of giants like LG, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola and several others manufacturers that have increased the user interest.

However, Xiaomi has noted a point here is that one thing was common with all the manufacturers, there price point. The price range of products from other OEMs were too high to lose weight of consumer’s pockets, which resisted the geeks for purchasing the watch those who can’t afford. Now by taking all the observation in mind the ‘Apple of China’, Xiaomi will price its upcoming smartwatch at 600 Yuan which is roughly equivalent to $96(USD) and Rs. 6,100 (INR), says reports released earlier in July this year.

According to GizmoChina, the anticipated watch will be powered by a 64-bit quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor coupled with 512 MB of RAM. It will also boast 4GB of internal storage and a heart rate monitor. The device might me front with a 1.3-inch display, however, no official confirmation is received yet.

As per the reports and data available, the Xiaomi’s smartwatch might be unveiled in an event scheduled on November 24, which has already teased its fans for Redmi Note 2 Pro and Mi Pad 2 by Xiaomi President Bin Lin. A report by GforGames, citing a Weibo post has also confirmed that the smartwatch will be unveiled tomorrow.

Video published on November 21, 2014 that shares company’s plans

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