Xiaomi shines at CES 2017 with Mi TV 4; Thinner SmartTv among all Mi TV series

Chinese technology pioneer Xiaomi has marked its first entry into Consumer Electronics (CES) technology show by showcasing a deep learning AI TV system-Mi TV 4 at Las Vegas on Thursday.

Mi has put all efforts to make this state-of-the-art technology piece remarkable with a thickness of just 4.98mm, till now thinnest among all Mi TV series. With a current size of 65 inch, Xiaomi also foretold about its 59-inch and 49-inch versions as well.

The TV comes with a separate home theater system to provide unique Dolby Atmos technology sound system. 3D spherical surrounding sound system is designed to give an unparalleled learning experience. To provide the best outer display, the stand has been made crystal clear that hides on your walls.

The back enclosure is a shining glossy metallic surface that takes up 70% of the back enclosure. Another best part is, this Mi TV comes with an integration of best technology in AI world that company calls Patch Wall. It employs deep learning technology and understands your preferences and curate highly personalized contents recommendation on your TV screen.

Unlike other smart TVs, Mi TV 4 comes with space for hosting ports on its upper side. The makers have also separated the motherboard and sound system from the display. With this feature, a user can upgrade the motherboard independently and also to maintain a simple wiring structure the display is connected to Mi TV bar through a single cable.

The satellite speakers are of light weight (0.44 kg) and come with a dimension of 142.8mm×72mm×55mm. On an overall, the system is designed to carry a light weight as the other accessories such as Mi TV bar and Subwoofer are bearing weights of 3.62kg and 3.61 kg respectively.

Addressing the media, Xiaomi’s Vice President of International Hugo Barra told that this 4.9mm thin TV is designed with such intelligence that it is practically disappearing when viewed from a flat angle. He also added that the team has put a lot of research and effort into the Patch Wall system and hence they are optimistic that it will provide substantial improvement over any other smart TV.

In the CES show, Xiaomi also showcased 70 plus more core products related to smartphone, smart TV, smart routers and dozens of Ecosystem products related to health, fitness and other categories. CES is a global trade show that is organized every year at Las Vegas in January and techno giants from all corner of the world showcase their going-to-be launched products.

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