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Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone startup, for the first time is going to sell its products in the United States. Commencing with the sales of headphones, smart wristbands and other accessories, the Apple of China is going to enter the Cupertino giant’s territory. Xiaomi is starting with the accessories but not with the signature smartphones for the fact that the company is highly based on customer feedback and is not yet ready with the resources required to set-up smartphone sales in the US.

Xiaomi, without a doubt, is among the top smartphones selling companies in India, China and other Asian countries, however, it has never tipped off a single product in the US. International VP Hugo Barra announced the launch of mi.com for selling the earphones and other accessories directly to the Americans.

Xiaomi recently launched the Redmi Note in China, however, it won’t be coming to US anytime soon. The company is very keen to deliver its products to Americans. “The US consumer is probably the most demanding consumer, with the highest quality bar and the most informed opinions of anyone anywhere in the world,” Barra says. “Part of the reason why we want to be here is because we want to enter that feedback loop. We want to hear what people think about our products, we want to get feedback and improve our products everywhere.”

Barra didn’t even refrained himself from telling that the company is expected to face intellectual-based lawsuits in US. It is known as the Apple of China, and most of the products are having design almost the same as Apple Inc. Cupertino giant is apparently going to be the first to kill Xiaomi’s rising in its home country.

Xiaomi is very famous among Asian countries for the low-cost power packed smartphone it sells, and recently the company doubled its revenue to $12 Billion in the year 2014. Xiaomi has been estimated to have total assets worth $45 Billion.

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