Xiaomi plans to adopt pressure sensitive touch screen for upcoming devices

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Initially called as ‘Apple of China’ throughout the country, Xiaomi never lags behind to serve best to its customers that too in an affordable price. Rumours surfacing on the Internet suggest that the company is planning to feature its upcoming smartphones with a new hardware.

A report published at GforGames states that the company has patented a technology, which is almost similar to Apple’s 3D Touch. However, the source didn’t provide detailed information regarding the matter. Therefore, it is still a mystery that whether the firm will design its own force sensing technology, or it will partner Synaptics for its ClearForce technology.

In Past, Xiaomi and Synaptics have already worked together for the touch controller, ClearPad S3708 used in Mi4c smartphone. The touch controller supports both, ClearForce and SideTouch, however, to make the device affordable only latter is enabled.

Besides this, the Korean giant, Samsung has already registered a patent for pressure sensitive touch and likely to integrate the feature in its upcoming flagship handset, Galaxy S7. In addition, the company has also tied up with Synaptics, however, it is still unclear that whether the firm will adapt its ClearPad S3708 capacitive touch controller, or it will utilize its ClearForce technology.

Following the Apple’s 3D touch technology used in its latest iPhone 6s models, several OEMs are rushing towards the pressure-sensitive input. But we can’t neglect that Huawei was the first manufacturer to debut the pressure-sensitive touch in its Mate S smartphone, introduced at IFA.

It was also earlier seen that Samsung and various other android smartphone manufacturers had adopted the fingerprint scanner, introduced in Apple iPhone 5s.

Moreover, it is expected that the technology would be accepted by top level OEMs like, Motorola, Gionee, Sony etc. However, one can’t predict that how much prices would be affected by enabling pressure sensitive touch in the smartphones, and whether it would attract the users. Also, it is still unclear that whether the technology will be included in the Galaxy S7, and whether Xiaomi will design its own input device or it will partner a manufacturer.

Stay tuned to get the details.

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