Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S to arrive with Android P beta build

As per the recent reports, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S would be coming with Android P beta. This version of the Xiaomi Mi is an enhanced variant of the Mi Mix 2 that had arrived last year. The Mix 2S would give provision for wireless charging and would come with Snapdragon 845.

The Android P build on Mi Mix 2S would get Xiaomi many benefits. Firstly, Android P would eliminate MIUI and secondly the involvement of Xiaomi in the “beta program” would bring up many frequent enhanced updates. The Mi Mix 2S version with Android P beta would reportedly replace all the MIUI components with the Pixel Launcher. The functionalities would be just similar to those of the Pixels with Android P.

The previous beta build pure Android is also good and does not bring up many bugs. The only issues that may be complained of are the rare glitches and Bluetooth streaming. Nevertheless, the rest of it proved to be remarkable. The new Android P would also get the all-new “gesture-driven navigation” to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. Xiaomi anyway had also begun providing the functionality with the MIUI 9.5.

Although it sounds amazing that the new Android P beta version phone would come with no MIUI customizations, yet the plans of Xiaomi tend to contradict the statement. The company would be adding features from the MIUI in all its forthcoming beta builds. The Mi Mix 2S would also arrive with the MIUI customizations like all other phones of the company. This was a sure sort plan as Xiaomi believes that the range of features in its MIUI holds much value.

The Android P beta would eliminate the camera interface of Xiaomi from its Mi Mix 2S and in its place provide the Snapdragon Camera. However, this magnificent essence of the Android P beta would not be seen in any other phone of Xiaomi other than the Mi Mix 2S. Google just aims at a wider availability of its endeavors to its customers with its upcoming “Android P beta program.” Hence, the phones of the companies like Xiaomi are targeted.

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