Xiaomi hands out calculators at OnePlus 6T launch event in India

October 30 marks the day when OnePlus launched the OnePlus 6T in New Delhi, India. There was a long queue at the venue and guess what? Xiaomi was there too and no, the Chinese competitor wasn’t there to support OnePlus or even launch its own smartphone but to mock OnePlus by giving away boxes with the tagline “You Do The Ma+h” and people found calculators inside the box. Yes, this is a marketing gimmick by Xiaomi but I am not sure it is completely right.

Xiaomi hands out calculators at OnePlus 6T launch event in India

Since simply the tagline and the calculator doesn’t help decipher what Xiaomi wanted to convey, you must drop by Poco India’ Twitter handle where it has posted a short video comparing Snapdragon 845 SoC that comes with both OnePlus 6T and Xiaomi Poco F1 where the two have a very distinct price tags i.e. OnePlus 6T was launched at a price tag of Rs 37,999 ($513) while the base variant for Poco F1 fetches around Rs 20,999 ($283.83) and the tweet reads “Never Settle for OverPriced. Unlock the #MasterofSpeed. You decide. #DoTheMath”.

To be honest, Xiaomi is bragging too much about its Poco F1 that was recently launched starting at just Rs 20,999 featuring the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa-core SoC which is again the cheapest phone to offer the high-end processor but that’s just an aspect of a smartphone. We are talking about the in-display fingerprint scanner, OLED display, and glass back mounted on OnePlus 6T versus the rear fingerprint scanner, LCD display, and a plastic back mounted on Poco F1.

Also, Xiaomi has compared the OnePlus 6T with it’s cheapest and base Poco F1 which lacks RAM and storage compared to the beast i.e. OnePlus 6T which comes with 6GB RAM on its base variant. If you consider this comparison, OnePlus 6T surely justifies its price tag although it has some flaws or shortcomings if you may such as the smaller battery but hey, it is still 400 mAh larger than it’s predecessor OnePlus 6. Also, OnePlus 6T lacks a headphone jack but there are many things that it got right.

This isn’t the first time a smartphone manufacturer has pulled a marketing gimmick at its competitor’s launch event. Last month, Huawei was reportedly giving away power banks to people waiting for iPhone XS while Samsung and Apple are known to pull each other’s leg everytime duration a launch may it be the notch or the Note 7 fire fiasco. This appears to be less of a marketing gimmick and more of trolling but almost every smartphone manufacturer is indulged in it.

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