Xavier’s Student’s Took A Stand to Protect a 100 Year old Peepal Tree

peepal tree

An educator along with the students from Botany Department of St Xavier’s College has addressed to the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation executing the underground Colaba-Bandra-Seepz Metro-3 passage, with a request not to cut an old Peepal tree. The peepal tree, which is located outside Cama Hospital in CST, is approximately 100 years old and it is ecologically very crucial for a better ecosystem.

“The Peepal tree is one of the precious species of Ficus virens. There are a very few of these enduring in the city. I assume you will be soon cutting the same. Rather, you should seriously think of accommodating the same tree at the entry of Metro exit which is coming up there, the tree will beautify the entrance.” said by Rajendra Shinde, Head of Department, Botany Department, St Xavier’s College, in a mail written to MMRC.

Mr. Shinde stated that we, along with many students and ex-students from the Botany Department, have written to the MMRC requesting them not to cut the particular tree. We expect the MMRC takes our request emphatically. But we really want to make it clear that we are not against the Metro building.

100 year old peepal-tree
Peepal tree The 100-year-old tree is situated outside Cama Hospital in CST

While MMRC administrators have guaranteed that they will try not to cut the tree despite having confirmation from the tree authority to cut it for the construction.

Ravi Ranjan Kumar, the Chief Project Manager, MMRC, in an email to Kiran Thumma, ex-student of St Xavier’s, said that it is right that we have permission to cut the tree, but we are attempting to save the old Peepal tree. Let us reassure you that we will chop the tree only under unavoidable circumstances. We will do our best to protect the tree as requested by you.

The MMRC is carrying out construction work for CST Metro station near the St Xavier’s College. Several citizens had also requested the Bombay high court due to thousands of trees being cut for the construction of Metro-3, after which a stay was put, however, later it was canceled.

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