The world’s largest animal slaughter commences in Nepal

A Nepali Hindu slaughtering buffaloes

On Friday, Hindu devotees in Nepal slaughtered thousands of animals and birds in the name of ritual. Animal right activist said that this is the world’s largest animal slaughtering event.

Almost 80 per cent of Nepal’s 27 million people are Hindu. However, unlike Hindus in their neighbouring countries, they frequently sacrifice animals and birds to make their devotees happy during the festive season.

There were many chances of clash between the activist and the devotees. That is why hundreds of police officials were deployed by the authorities to avoid any such conflicts.

“It is a ritual connected with people’s faith,” said Yogendra Dulal, assistant administrator of the Bara district, where the temple is located. “We cannot hurt their sentiments and ban the practice.”

The ceremony is held every five years at the gandhami temple near the Indo-Nepal border. In this, tens of thousands of people gather and slay their animals. More than 500000 animals were killed during the event this time, according to the estimate of Humane Society International estimates.

People believe that sacrificing their animals would appease the Hindu Goddess of power, which in return would bring to them luck and prosperity.

the ritual began at the dawn with the sacrifice of five animals comprising a rat; a goat, a rooster, a pig and a pigeon, this is known as “pancha bali”.

Almost 5000 buffaloes were held in the open air, after which they were slaughtered by butchers using swords and large curved knives. Temple officials also estimated thousands of goats and chicken to be sacrificed before the ceremony ends on Saturday.

“We are trying to convince the people that they can worship at the shrine peacefully and without being cruel to animals,“ animal right activists said “It is not proper to kill animals in the name of religion.”

Recently The Supreme Court asked the government to stop the illegal movement of animals to Nepal for sacrificing.

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  • What are telivisions and so called trash “The Muslim” (publised from Chenai By N. Ram)Newspapers for? Have Panneled Discussions and writeups in Local languages almost every other day to GET ACROSS the Message that GOD is OMNIPRESNT and ALL THAT IS is Made of GOD, and GOD IS Peace Bliss awareness NOT Just a Diety in a particular temple to be appeased BUT TO Be realised without butchering these other GOD beings.. like a dog biting its own tail… and give out scietific points against such butchering. Get great leaders like Shri Shri Ravi Shankar, N Gopalkrishnan, R.S.S. Bhaghwat, Gurumurthy Live to speak to panneled members including only For Butchering people like Yogendra Dulal, assistant administrator of the Bara district, and the priest of the temple.. etc

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