Researchers had a major breakthrough when they announced world’s first vaccine against Dengue. Sanofi Pasteur, the French drug maker Sanofi’s vaccine unit, has registered a request for approval of its vaccine candidate against the vector-borne disease. We can expect the vaccine to hit the market by the second half of 2015.

“We plan to submit the vaccine for licences in 2015 in endemic countries where dengue is a public health priority” Sanofi Pasteur president and CEO Olivier Charmeil said.

To test the efficiency of the vaccine, research was conducted over 31,000 participants including men, women and children across ten endemic countries in Asia including India. Results were mind boggling. Doctors found that the vaccine gave 95.5 percent protection against the vector-borne disease and 80.3 percent reduction in the risk of hospitalisation. While in trials conducted in Latin America the vaccine gave 60.8 percent success rate in adults and children.

“Over recent months we have seen a worrying increase in cases in many parts of the country, putting a huge strain on healthcare systems. India is part of Sanofi Pasteur’s global development strategy for dengue vaccine. Committed to dengue vaccine research for more than 20 years, Sanofi Pasteur aims to make the tropical ailment the next vaccine-preventable disease,” Mr. Barth said.

Dengue has always been a major area of concern for India, every year several people die due of Dengue. Though dengue came late this year due to delayed arrival of monsoon, still many people suffered from dengue followed by death due to unavailability of proper vaccination. After getting approved as the world’s first vaccine for dengue made by Sanofi Pasteur, it could be another revolution similar to when cancer vaccines hit the market. For endemic countries like India, this vaccine could help in fighting against the disease and save many lives.


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