World Yoga Day: Modi cautions against commodifying the world heritage

On the occasion of first world Yoga Day, PM Narendra Modi on Sunday cautioned against commodifying yoga as it will do great loss to this world heritage.

Modi inaugurated the First International Conference on Yoga for Holistic health and elaborated on the role of yoga in our lives. He said that Yoga keeps a check on greed, violence and conflicts in addition to enhancing the team work and ecological balance.

He stressed against the urge to make yoga a brand, he said that doing so will harm it as yoga is not a commodity to be sold. Yoga, he said is not the possession of one person or one country but it belongs to the whole world.

Pointing towards the burgeoning signs and claims of ‘pure ghee’  Modi said that it should never happen to yoga The scenario where people will hold claims of their yoga being the true one just on the dollars basis would be a real harm to the heritage.

Calling Yoga a state of mind not a business, Modi stressed that this contribution from India’s soil is for the good of whole humanity and people from around the world have contributed to it so we cannot stick to it as our fief.

The conference which Modi addressed was attended by representatives from 26 countries.

Modi agreed that yoga is not static form and it will also change with time and has to be adapted according to the conditions in different regions.

In his first address to the UN general assembly in September last year, PM had proposed to celebrate IYG (International Yoga Day)

Modi has been constantly tweeting pictures of different asanas since then and quoted from Bhagwat Gita that India strives on the ideal of inclusiveness where all are a member of global family.

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