Human skin cell to cure obesity, finds study

It seems obesity has gripped people so severely that even UN’s best efforts are insufficient to control if not eradicate the disease. In a new analysis, it is revealed that UN will fail to meet its plan against the one of the most common disease. According to researchers, world will have more than one billion (100 crores) people suffering from obesity by the end of 2025.

Experts blame western style diet for the epidemic like scenario. One of the main reasons behind western style diet becoming were attractive and mouthwatering advertisements which virtually force foodies to eat the high calory and fat rich food.

Back in 2011, at the time of UN summit, WHO (World Health Organisation) was determined to reduce the number of obese in the world after seeing its life-threatening effects. While UN aimed to make the obese count in 2025 less than the obese count in 2010. However, UN spokesperson said that it seems UN will not meet its goal and will fail to control the ever increasing obesity among our adults.

If reports are to be believed then, 11.5 percent adults were suffering from obesity in 2010, the numbers rose to 13 percent in 2014. After seeing the graph, it is estimated that more than 17 percent of adults around the globe will fall in obese category. According to statistics released by the World Obesity Federation (WOF) nearly 170 million adults will be obese which means they will have BMI more than 35 by the next decade.

The disease is commonly found in countries like the Middle East, Latin America, China and south-east Asia. With obesity comes the fear of several other diseases like cardiovascular disease, lung disease, etc. It’s always better to control the appetite, do workout daily and prevent yourselves from turning into obese.

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