The world is about to end on April 23? Everything you need to know about the upcoming Armageddon

The world is about to end on April 23? Everything you need to know about the upcoming Armageddon

There’s something about the supposedly ‘doomsday’ that keeps popping repeatedly. Like the end of the world in 2012 as per the Mayans Calender which created a lot of buss around the world putting people in debacle and frenzy. But we went through December 21, 2012, and nothing happened just as said by scholars and scientists around the globe. But that didn’t stop people from speculating the end of the world. Following a recent claim by various news outlets, they have published a fresh report dictating the end of the world on April 23, 2018. What is it actually? Will the world end on that day?

News outlets like Daily Express asserted a revelation in the Christian’s Holy Bible which dictates about the second coming of the Christ and which day the Christians will be ascended to the heavens and the world will come to an end called as ‘Rapture’. But as similar to such claims made in the past, scientists have already debunked the theory with the help of astronomy marking the claims as bogus and not true at all.

As per the claim reads the Revelation 12:1-2 in the Bible says “A great sign appeared in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant, and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth’. Conspirators have claimed that the end f the world as speculated on April 23 is due to the predicted position of the celestial bodies.

To simplify the revelation, it states that the second coming of the Chris on Earth will embark the beginning of Rapture or towards the end of the world. The woman called in the revelation i.e. ‘Virgo’ is from Greek and Roman mythology. It is not a coincidence that Virgo is represented in astronomy as well as it is one of the constellations of stars. Following the claims, on April 23, the sun and the moon will be positioned in the Virgo constellation along with the Jupiter which represents ‘Messiah’ in Christianity. Experts and scientists discarded the theory made after they found out that such a planetary alignment happens every 12 years. Other claims made towards the Rapture is through a different planetary alignment as stated in ‘The lion of the tribe of Judah’.

According to the mythology, a Ninth planet is responsible for such a debacle. Named as Nibiru, it is an unknown mythical planet that orbits around the Sun in an eccentric and extremely long orbit. NASA debunked the theory regarding Nibiru’s existence, however, it is still being considered co-related to the disasters that have been happening on the Earth. It is expected to pass near the Earth in October this year when it is said to disrupt the gravity and induce volcanic eruptions and other natural calamities.

As it turns out, Nibiru is supposedly the ninth planet in our solar system according to the mythology. Its gravity is powerful enough to disturb that of Earth’s when it passes near it. This leads towards disasters. It has been associated with such a debacle since 1995. But NASA, the U.S. space agency took the mettle to detect the existence of such a planet in the outer space and our solar system, however, it didn’t found any signature.

Neil DeGrasse, a physicist, and a science celeb debunked a theory back in 2009 when claims were made on the alignment of Nibiru, Sun, moon and the Earth in a perfect planetary alignment on December 21, 2012 according to the Mayans calendar which would cause massive destruction on the Earth like tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc and finally, it will cause the end of the world. He asserted the fact that conspirators and believers never told you that such alignment is caused on every year on December 21.

Per NASA, with the planet the size of Nibiru, it would be able to disturb only small and icy objects in the space without causing any interference to the Earth’s gravity. The space agency has mentioned that his planet is a hypothetically large body, it has never been observed directly on its official webpage. But do you know? The revelation about the astrology is wrong after all. The Jupiter which is supposed to be in Virgo will be in Libra constellation on April 23. On the other hand, the moon will be in Cancer and Leo. Thus, no celestial bodies in question will be together forming a planetary alignment as predicted by the revelation. Anyhow, ‘Astrology is not a real science’.

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