The wooden Shigir idol is more than two times older than the Egyptian pyramids

In an astonishing find, scientists have got hold of a mysterious idol that is believed to be older than the Egyptian pyramids. Yes, this particular ancient wooden Shigir idol is found to be over twice as old as the Egyptian pyramids. The latest study conducted on the Shigir idol by the researchers in Germany ah revealed that the famous idol is almost 11,500 years old.

The wooden Shigir idol was discovered by miners in the year 1890 in an ancient peat bog in Russia. The name of the peat bog was Shigir, hence, the idol was named the Shigir idol. The idol was extracted from the peat in parts in the year 1914 and then it was assembled together. The idol was around 5-6 meters tall.

According to the scientists, the idol was carved from one piece of larch wood. Till now no scientists were able to attribute the idol a certain age. Some said that the Shigir idol belonged to the Neolithic age V–IV Millennium BC while some believed that the idol was from the bronze age II Millennium BC). But with use of modern dating methods, the scientists at the Institute of archaeology of Academy of Sciences have found out that the wooden Shigir idol was built around 11,500 years ago.

The research also found out that the idol was most probably built by the hunter-gatherers. As it is found that the idol is 11,500 years old, it can be said, the idol was made when mammoths roamed the plains along with the cave lions. This baffled the scientists as it is impossible to think of primitive humans involved in making such wooden artifacts.
Previously it was thought that the Shigir idol was almost 9800 years old but the latest research has predated the idol to almost 1700 years. This makes the wooden Shigir idol almost more than twice older than the Egyptian pyramids and the scientists say that it is the oldest wooden piece of art on Earth. The latest research on the wooden Shigir idol was published in the journal Antiquity.

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  • Idol?

    Who said it’s an idol, how did he know, and why do archaeologists say everything is religious?

    And who says humans were primitives 11,500 years ago? Gobekli Tepe is as old, and they built a stone town on a hill overlooking the Fertile crescent. They were not hunter gatherers. they were farmers. The Sphinx is that old, and they built with megaliths (gigantic stones), all over the world, which we can’t do today. We don’t know how. And then the comet struck and ended the Ice Age, real… fast. Supercharged climate change. Mass extinction. Ocean rose 400 feet, 120 meters, in shockingly short order. Civilization was largely wiped out. After that, those who survived were primitives. But, before the cataclysm, Humans were great. Soon, maybe in a couple hundred years, we might learn what they knew.

    Unless we pretend it’s all a primitive religion.

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