Woman killed, three injured in a blast outside restaurant: Bangalore

police checking traces of bomb blasts

Once again, terrorist tried to haunt people with a blast in Bangalore. Reportedly a woman died, and three were injured in the explosion that contained low power IED (Improvised Explosive Device). Terrorist chose a famous restaurant located on a busy road of the city to create havoc.

At 8:30 pm bomb wrapped in a plastic bag exploded in front of Coconut Grove restaurant killing a woman and injuring three. Police identified the victim as Bhavani, who was taken to hospital soon after the blast. However, she did not make it and left the world and her family with bitter memories.

Other two injured were identified as Vinay and Sandeep, who are getting treatment in HOSMAT Hospital and reportedly out of danger. In a statement, Vinay said that he was coming out of the restaurant  when the mishap occurred and saw the women standing near to him slump to the ground.

City Police Commissioner M N Reddi said it was a low-intensity blast, and no terrorist group has taken the responsibility of the blast yet.  Soon after the explosion security has been increased, and Mumbai has been put on high alert.
Reddi said the explosion occurred at about 8:30 PM, “which having checked we have found that there was improvised explosive device that was used by some culprits….”.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh called up Karnataka Chief Minister S Siddaramaiah and assured him that all help will be given by the Centre. Singh said the Chief Minister apprised him of the situation. “Spoke to Karnataka CM Shri S Siddaramaiah regarding the Bangalore blast. He apprised me of the situation. Centre ready to provide all help,” Singh tweeted later.

According to reports, the blast is an indication that some terrorist activity might happen on the New Year.  This is the fourth time since 2008 that terrorist blasted successfully including nine serial blasts of 2008 killing two and injuring 20 and two blasts in 2010 outside cricket stadium leaving 15 injured.

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