Woman gets molested at Kalwa Civil hospital


What can be more painful than the news of a lady who groped by a man in the hospital while breastfeeding? This incident just happened on Monday in Mumbai. Meanwhile, its just been four days, the victim delivered a baby by C-section at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital (Kalwa civil hospital).

The woman gave birth to a baby girl on December 7. Later the baby admitted to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) after diagnosed with jaundice. The woman told the Kalwa Police that, while she was breastfeeding her baby, a man entered into NICU dressed as the doctor at 5 am and tried to grop her. She pushed the man but couldn’t see his face as it was covered. The man even grabbed her clothes, but somehow she managed to run from the ward with her child.

This incident left the woman shocked. It can be understood, how difficult it may have been for that woman. She recently went through the C-section operation which itself a painful experience and just after four days, the animalism of that man forced her to run. It is very shameful incident for our society.

While Sandhya Khade who is the hospital dean; did not respond to any calls and messages. The police officers from the Kalwa Police Station informed that the hospital staff was rounded up, but the woman couldn’t identify the accused. Senior Inspector Shekhar Badge stated that they are checking the CCTV footage to determine whether the accused is an outsider or a hospital staffer.

It is not an avoidable issue. Who is responsible for this? The weak security in our country against such crimes are not taking the serious actions. Well, the debate is a never-ending process. It is the sick instinct of criminals who do not understand humanity. Sadly, India is no longer considered as the safe place for women. A strict law and specific actions can put a halter on such offences. The strong action against the issue is the need of time if we want to change the image of our country.

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