Woman fights back flight harassment, culprit caught on camera

Woman fights back flight harassment, culprit caught on camera

Sexual harassment has become a common sight these days. But what needs to change is our views on the harassment. In India, if a woman is sexual harassed or offended, she is pin pointed to be the root cause of evil. As if, a woman needs to do something to entice men? We mean to say that she just needs to be a woman.

One such event took place recently when a woman travelling by air was being touched inappropriately by an old man, who could have easily been her father or grandfather’s age, sitting on a seat behind hers’. She was travelling by Indigo flight to Bhubaneshwar.

She tolerated this throughout the flight but when the flight was about to land, she couldn’t take it anymore and decided to teach the pervert a lesson. She made a video in which she is shouting abuses at him and at some instances the man is asking for forgiveness saying we all make mistakes in life.

Since the video has gone viral, some people are also opposing this video saying that this might be a fraudulent one, just like Rohtak Sisters video. The Rohtak Sisters case went over the top in which they made a video showing people that they were tormented and they fought back. It was later revealed to be a fraud case to launder money.

But to think of this case, can one case be enough to justify that all women are wrong. In a democratic country like India, women are objectified and portrayed as evil witches luring innocent men. But one can stand to reason that no human can be stupid enough to be seduced by anyone if he has a strong will for it is the lamest excuse of all times, “I am just a man, how could I have stopped myself?”

Whatever may have been the case, why is one Rohtak Sisters case is being subjectified against the countless crimes committed against women every moment in this country?

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