Winter is the best season to lose weight, Here’s how

winter weight loss

If we talk about the reason why winter is the best season, one will top the list which says that if you are are planning to lose weight then this season helps you a lot in the process.  It is suggested by a study that winter is a perfect period if you are determined to stick with a diet plan.

Though in the chilling weather it is tough to stick with a fitness regime nevertheless spending time in cold can boost the production of brown fat which is good for the body, it not only helps the body in burning calories but also destroys the bad white fat from the body.

Simple changes in diet can lead to pleasing results when the weather is also complementing your efforts. The cold period boost the energy in the human body, don’t let you put on weight and detox the organs. So little wise alteration in your diet and you will be amazed by the results at the end.

Walking approximately, 10,000 steps a day should be an add-on in your fitness regime; you can also use the calorie tracker to measure the concrete results. Along with this step, including protein-rich food in your diet plan is mandatory as this diet do not let you feel hungry for short time periods and also maintain blood sugar levels of the body.

The protein with lower unsaturated calories plus fat and high in nutrients are recommended like beans, seafood, eggs, low-fat dairy, lean meat, seeds, soy and nuts. The proper attention to the carbs we eat is also essential as nowadays we eat low fibre and refined carbs such as potatoes, white bread, white rice, and other types of cereal. The low-fibre carb digests quickly, so we tend to eat extra that’ why to stick with the proper regime to make sure you are not over consuming the carbs and try to ignore the consumption of low fibre food.

Besides the diet which you must follow to lose the weight, Winter boosts the weight loss process if you do spend some time in the cold. Yes as we have already talked about the brown fat factor, which enables in the cold and help in destroying the white fat. Winter burns more calories than warm weathers.

If the temperature goes more down, do not bother with your exercise session as if you spend around 15 minutes in cold shivering, your body can burn as many calories as it burns in a one-hour workout session. There is science behind this fun fact as while we shiver, our body releases two hormones named irisin and FGF21. The shivering muscles and brown fat release the hormones respectively. These hormones increase the calory burning process to a great extent.

So, if you have the dedication to stick to the diet and follow a specific fitness regime then winter is the high season to boost your weight loss process, and you can watch the assured results. All you need just to follow a specific fitness regime and spend a little time in the cold weather.

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