Why You Should Care About Reviews For Your Business On Facebook

The rise of social media has had a massive impact on the digital landscape. As a result, businesses have changed their approach to marketing. Having an active presence on social sites like Facebook is considered a must for every business.

Facebook is a fantastic digital marketing tool which allows businesses to build strong relationships with customers. Due to the nature and limitless connectivity of Facebook, you can reach out to new and existing customers in an instant.

Facebook also has a “customer review” feature that can be extremely valuable to every business.

What Exactly Are Facebook Reviews?

Facebook reviews is a star-based system comment system. It allows customers to rate your product or service and leave a comment. Users can also comment on reviews from other customers and engage in open, public discussions about your business. These reviews appear on your business’s Facebook page and can be accessed by anyone visiting your page.

Additionally, customers who visit your physical location and choose to “check-in” on Facebook will also be prompted to leave a review. This means reviews are not limited to your online interaction with customers. Reviews will also be influenced by customer experience at your physical store.

Why Are Facebook Reviews Important?

While customer reviews on Facebook may not seem like a huge deal, the social platform is popular among users doing research about brands, products and services. A good review on your Facebook page will build confidence in your business and give you credibility in your industry.

  • Reviews and Recommendations On The Rise

Facebook has evolved since its inception way back in 2004. Although it’s main purpose is still social connections, Facebook is a great place for businesses to promote themselves at very little or no cost. For business owners it’s also exciting that customers can use the site to share reviews and recommendations. Facebook is now one of the top sites that people use to review brands, products and services.

  • Increased Exposure

With over a billion active Facebook users the world over, it’s safe to say that a massive chunk of your customers are already using the site. This means that writing a review or sharing a recommendation about your business will take little effort on their part. The best part is that every person who writes about your business has a built-in audience (their friends list). Every review is automatically shared with all their connections. This will give a huge boost to your exposure at no cost to you.

  • Builds Brand Credibility

Brand credibility is a highly sought after accolade in digital marketing. Good reviews on your business’s Facebook page will build confidence in your brand and increase your credibility within your industry. Potential customers who see your positive reviews are likely to have greater confidence in your business.

  • Better News Feed Ranking

Much like Google’s SERP ranking, Facebook has an algorithm that decides where posts will end up on the news feed. Facebook’s algorithm is greatly influenced by the star-rating system. So each review/rating your business receives increases your eligibility to appear in the news feed. This will increase your visibility and improve your business’s overall organic reach.

  • Not Limited To Facebook

Reviews have a positive effect on your business outside Facebook too. When someone Googles your business a box will appear on the right side of the SERPs displaying the Facebook customer reviews for your business. This goes a long way in promoting the reputation of your business outside the social media platform.

Final Thoughts…

Most people are more likely to buy something from a business with positive reviews on their Facebook page. So if you’re not making use of this very handy feature you’re missing out.

Making Facebook reviews work for your business does take some work. A social media marketing course can teach you how to use this feature to your advantage.

When you receive a review always respond with a personalized message. Never recycle a generic response. This will encourage feedback from customers which will help you develop a successful online presence.

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