Why the budget smartphone is so important to developing nations

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One of the realities of globalization is that the movement of products between countries is more fluid now than ever before. Economic borders are now much less defined, with nations within continents often striking agreements to permit free trade.

This has opened many doors where technology is concerned, and the smartphone is a perfect example of a commodity that is now exported and sold at high volumes almost everywhere in the world.

In this article, we will examine the role of the budget smartphone in that trend and understand why low-priced handsets that offer connectivity and app store functionality are crucial to developing nations.

Global trade trends

The availability of technology and services in new countries is great news for businesses and people alike. The introduction of Android-capable devices to nations across North Africa and South Asia is the example we will discuss in this article, but there are countless others.

The availability of major streaming services like Netflix to remote island nations helps connect the world through the medium of entertainment, while Disney+ is another streaming service that is gradually being rolled out globally.

Another industry increasing its footprint is online gambling. The deregulation of betting in several American states is unlocking new possibilities, while nations like New Zealand are also able to experience some of the world’s biggest casino games for the first time, using services like Zodiac Casino NZ to explore the options and bonuses available to them.

There remain some regional distinctions, with services often provided in local languages and using marketing designed to resonate with the people that live there. But those distinctions aren’t as pronounced as they once were, and the slogans, logos, and platforms used by the biggest brands are generally recognizable wherever you are in the world.

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The role of the budget smartphone

The budget smartphone has succeeded in delivering connectivity, communication, and multimedia entertainment to millions previously excluded from this technological revolution. The launch of the iPhone and the first Android devices around the end of the 00s was great news for tech-savvy consumers, but the price tags were hefty, which excluded many from the experience.

But the world’s biggest mobile phone brands, and various smaller start-ups, are quickly recognizing the value of emerging markets in regions such as southern Asia and northern Africa. And by keeping manufacturing costs down, handsets on the market can price as low as $35, while still offering basic Android functionality.

Putting a device capable of online communication in the hand of a citizen in a developing nation is a very powerful action indeed. And though the tech specs may be limited, the ability to communicate and gather information is huge for developing economies. A smartphone can empower its user to learn, to organize, and to make plans, while it can also provide a world of entertainment never previously witnessed outside of the most developed countries.

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Without the budget smartphone, made from cheaper parts, with an inferior build quality and modest spec, millions would remain cut off from the digital world. And while we all relish the release of the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, it’s fantastic to see more of the world being catered for.

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