WhatsApp rolls out 16 new gender equality emoji’s for all devices


New WhatsApp Beta version 2.17.44 is yet again here to provide us with more of its supercool emoji’s, with which we can express ourselves better, without using a word.

They were introduced in iOS 10.2 and Android 7.1 Nougat in 2016 and are now available for all the devices that is devices running on Android Marshmallow, Lollipop and older. A total of 16 new emoji’s will be seen which are mostly based on gender equality and the rest are of new professions.

The new WhatsApp Beta version of size 32.53 MB can be simply updated from Google Playstore, however, it will not be stable in you devices and you might lose your data, therefore users are asked to wait for the stable version. Along with the new emoji’s, it will also show you all the unread messages from the conversations instead of the latest messages, you will be notified whenever a friend will change his status, the most important one is editing of sent messages. Yes, the messages that are sent can be edited.

In the last update, WhatsApp introduced emoji’s where all the skin types could be selected, showing racial diversity, this time it is back with gender equality, earlier the female emoji’s were shown dancing, getting haircut, applying nail polish. The new one’s include girl emoji’s of doctor, health worker, student, graduate, teacher, farmer, cook, chef, mechanic, repair, factory worker, business, office worker, scientist, technologist, software engineer, Singer, rock star. It sent 13 girl emoji’s to be approved by Unicode emoji committee but only these 11 were approved. The other five with new professions are judge, painter, pilot, astronaut, fire fighter. Additional one’s are of a clown, an avocado, a girl and a boy doing facepalm, a shrug, butterfly, bacon, a nauseated face, a dancing boy, a whiskey glass.

A feature that you see in messenger has also been included, which is, when you send a single emoji, it will appear in large size and when you will send it along with the text, it will appear as its slandered size.

According to the news, in the later version, it will also introduce the feature where you will be able to send you live location to your chats. All these new feature will sure boost the App and will make it more popular in the ‘all time phone using’ generation.

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