whatsapp to launch its web version for free video and audio call

World’s largest messaging service WhatsApp crashed on New Year’s eve due to huge inrush of messages and people all over the globe faced the problem. However, now everything is fine as WhatsApp engineers have sorted out the problem.

Earlier The TeCak reported that WhatsApp reportedly went down on the new year’s eve. Several users faced trouble in sending messages through WhatsApp from the new year midnight  itself.

According to reports, thousands of WhatsApp users in Europe, America and Canada were unable to even connect with the messaging service to send free messages on both the platform — Android and iOS on 31st December 2015.

While in India, people started facing the issue couple of hours before hitting the new year. Some people reported of late delivery of messages and were unable to use voice calling feature in WhatsApp that uses VoIP protocol for free audio calling.

A WhatsApp spokesperson has confirmed that their messaging service is facing some issues and engineers are working over it to once again provide flawless messaging experience to customers.

However, the problem might be because of the huge inrush of messages on new year’s eve due to which WhatsApp server might have crashed and failed to serve appropriately. Also, in India, telecom companies charge for every message on 31 December and 1 January while WhatsApp still provides free messages. This forces people to use the WhatsApp services for sending greeting of “Happy New Year” which might be the root of delayed delivery of messages.

Moreover, some people in Europe, America and South Africa are still facing some problems and while no such issues have been reported by Indians.

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