WhatsApp rolling out voice call feature for selected Android users

WhatsApp rolls out its voice calling feature

Most popular chat messaging service, WhatsApp started rolling out the most awaited voice calling feature to its Android App. However, the feature will be available to selected users as an “invite ” is required to avail the feature.

There is no official announcement from the company about the feature of voice call but a user posted some information on Reddit. According to Reddit user pradnesh07, to avail the feature user have to install the latest Whatsapp .APK from the Whatsapp official website. Also, other users report the same scenario but there was no sign of the call icon.

A user has posted a video on Youtube demonstrating and reviewing the feature that makes it possible to call Whatsapp contacts over VOIP.

Those users who are getting call button to their app, report that it points to the default dialer app of the phone, to enable the voice calling feature the user must be “invited” by an another user, which has already enabled call feature in its smartphone, by just giving a phone call from the app.

As TeCake earlier reported, few screenshots were leaked on the internet showing voice call feature in WhatsApp’s Android app. The leaked images are published on ‘’. The screenshots show screens dialing a voice call to WhatsApp contact, call logs, ongoing calls and unveils few more features like call recording and playback. However, the authenticity of the leaks were not confirmed by the company. These screenshots look much familiar to the voice calling enabled app shown in the video.

The voice call feature was spotted in WhatsApp’s iOS app in the update released on September 8,2014. This voice calling feature boasting app throws a message to the user, “WhatsApp requires microphone access to send Voice Messages, Record Videos with sound, make and receive Voice Calls.” The company also added new features including fast location access and improved camera access.

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