Whatsapp users from India set new record on New Year’s Eve


Whatsapp users in India marked a record by sending over 14 billion messages on New Year’s Eve. The report also says that all these huge numbers of interactions had taken place on December 31, 2016 through 160 millions of Indians, setting a rocket high record from India.

One-third out of 14 billion messages came out to be media – photos, GIF images, videos, and voice messages. Whatsapp has also added the feature of sharing GIF images that were not present earlier. The Facebook-owned instant messaging app has also made some changes in the video sharing feature. Now users are no need to wait to see the shared videos until they download. Users can access the live streaming feature of shared video thus saving the space of their memory card or hard disk of the phone.

Watching its wide fan follower, Whatsapp has introduced some of its offers for the first time in India prior to their worldwide release. For example, video calling feature was first to be launched for Indian users and got released for other 180 countries later on the same day.

iPhone users are now accessing the feature of creating their own GIF image. This can be achieved through the latest application of Whatsapp for iPhone with version 2.16.15. GIF images are nothing but a series of set of recorded videos encapsulated into one loop video with a maximum size of six seconds.

Through the help of recent application, iPhone users can create their own customized GIF. Just they have to shoot a video in the app with less than 6 second time limit. As soon as, the recording will start, an option will pop-up at the top right end corner giving an option to converted the recorded video into GIF format. Post that, your own customized GIF image will be ready for sharing to other Whatsapp members.

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