Whatsapp confirms to roll back to text based status instead of Snapchat-like stories


It hasn’t been very long since Facebook-owned instant messenger, Whatsapp made a drastic change to its app and rolled out an update that gave it an air of Snapchat by bringing in a feature like Snapchat stories. This feature replaced the older feature that enabled the users to set a status of their choice.

Now as per the latest reports, Whatsapp has decided to roll back to the text-based statuses from the newer Snapchat stories-like feature.

The function of this replaced feature was to add the statuses by the user in the form of pictures and videos that expire and disappear on their own after 24 hours. The picture and video based statuses appeared against the names of one’s contact in the contact list just like the text-based statuses used to. But speaking of inability on the part of the company to feel the users’ pulse, this rollback has to be one of the biggest in the lot. As the feature gained unpopularity among the users, the company finally decided to bring back the text-based statuses as opposed to the graphic based features that are used by rival apps.

As per the statement by the company, the Android users can get back the rolled back version of the app from the Google Playstore by next week whereas the Apple users would have to wait for a little longer to get the updated version with the text-based statuses version on Apple store. Apparently, Whatsapp would be keeping the picture and video-based statuses alongside the text-based statuses and can be accessed in a separate tab. Even though there is no way to disable this new features altogether, it is expected to give the users more control over how they wish to put the availability statuses on their account.

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