Whatsapp to roll out version that gives away more chat details

WhatsApp Chat Details Leak

With the recent changes done to the newest version of instant messenger, Whatsapp, apparently, it isn’t yet done making changes to the app. As per the latest talk of the tech world, WhatsApp is all set to introduce some more new features to the Whatsapp 2.17.86 version.

The new features would include functionalities lie number of media shares on the thread and options to check with chat thread eats up the most and the least storage space. The new version is still in beta and is expected to get to its final form before release in the next couple of months.

So far the changes done to the app in its beta version is available for the Window Phone running on Windows 10 platform. These changes are intended to give more options to the user to know the exact number of texts, gifs, and other media shared with anyone on the messenger. It would also help users to keep track of the storage space and clean it up quickly, which has become an issue for most users with media-heavy exchanges with other users. Tapping in the individual chats now can give the user all the details regarding the chats and the extent of exchange within that particular chat.

The beta version is available for download for all Windows user on the Windows app market. This is one of the major changes that the UI and feel of the App would see after the status settings of the app got a facelift. The new update on the app comes days after the “Snapchat-like” changes took effect on this widely popular instant messaging app.

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