WhatsApp to roll out Instagram-like Stories feature soon: Called it ‘Status’ tab

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After its parental company Facebook, WhatsApp seems to copy Snapchat’s features as it is reported to test new interface with ‘Status’ updates tab. Currently, the new update check is being tested and soon is expected to start rolling out in different platforms of WhatsApp. ‘Status’ bar is not a new accumulation to WhatsApp’s Android and iOS platforms as its already has long existed since the time of release WhatsApp in 2009. But the new updated Status tab will bring the option for image sharing with the contacts for a limited time, an exact copy of ‘Stories’ feature of Instagram and ‘Snaps’ feature of Snapchat.

Some images of WhatsApp testing the new Status Tab in Beta from having gone viral on the internet, demonstrating the option of sharing images through the status update. WABetaInfo, the website which is renowned for posting leaked pictures of the messaging app, posted some photos of WhatsApp’s updated version in which the new ‘Status’ bar is clearly notable.

However, the reports suggested the update will take some more time to hit the platform for all users. While the option of updating status through text-based contents has always been existed, the new image upgraded status feature will allow the users to share photos with their contacts for a limited period. The feature has much resemblance to the Instagram ‘Stories’ and Snapchat ‘Snaps,’ which also let users share their status in the form of image. While looking, the new addition of ‘Status’ feature seems an exact clone of Instagram Stories on the platform of WhatsApp.

To recall, WhatsApp is already testing the video-calling feature in Beta form and is expected to roll out soon on the Android and iOS platform. And now, the new addition of Status tab will enhance the platform of WhatsApp more. For now, both features are available to those who have enrolled in the beta testing program.

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