WhatsApp offers message seen with double blue tick

One of the most popular messaging app, WhatsApp, that has more than 600 million active users worldwide, has introduced a new feature along with its latest update this week. This feature lets the sender know when the recipient has seen the message sent by him. It indicates it with a double blue tick next to each sentence the user has sent.

Until now, the users could only get to know if their message was received or not through a double grey tick next to the sentences. This feature is a must for messaging apps, and it makes the users wonder why it hadn’t been there on WhatsApp earlier. Similar apps like Apple’s iMessage and Facebook’s own Messenger already have this feature for quite some time now. This update is getting mixed reviews from the users. Some say it’s a must have feature, while the others say it invades their privacy.

After the latest update, the single grey tick indicates that the message is successfully sent. The double grey tick indicates that the message is successfully received at the recipient’s device, and the double blue tick indicates the recipient has read that message.

WhatsApp has implemented this new update over-the-air that implies it will be installed automatically and the user won’t have to do a manual update via the App Store or Google Play.

WhatsApp stated the following possible reasons if the message is stuck at a single grey tick:

  • The Recipient’s phone might be off.
  • They could be sleeping, especially if they live in a different time zone.
  • They might be experiencing network connection issues.
  • They might have seen the notification on their screen, but did not launch the app (especially common if the recipient uses an iPhone).
  • They might have blocked you.

Along with this update, there are some rumours about Facebook releasing Free Calling feature on WhatsApp. If that comes true, it might cause the transfer of traffic from Skype and other free calling apps to WhatsApp.


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