WhatsApp Inc ready to launch its web version

WhatsApp ready to launch its web version

It has now been confirmed that the WhatsApp is going to launch its web anytime soon. Some of the users have been able to look up to a live domain It seems like the web end of the WhatsApp is complete, however, after landing on the page, it asks you to scan a code by going in the WhatsApp for mobile menu. Scan option is yet not available in the mobile app, but is expected to come along with the next update.

What it suggests that without the need of separate login information such as username and password, a user only have to scan a bar code and everything will be done on its own. The bar code is formed by a secret code that will be used to verify the credentials of the user.

WhatsApp web has been rumored to provide several other features such as voice and video calling. The Facebook acquired company might launch the service in the coming few weeks.

WhatsApp, will also be able to import all your contacts from the phone to its web version, and will have exactly same features we usually see in the mobile app.

As per the reports, the WhatsApp will allow its users to disable the ‘Blue-Tick’ (Read) in its web version, along with the other features, including last seen stamp.

For now there have been so many speculations about the WhatsApp Web version, and this news has indeed confirmed most of them.

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