WhatsApp facilitates camera by add text, emojis and draw on photos and video

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On Monday, WhatsApp announced new customised feature, which enables the users to personalised their pictures and videos quickly. This new camera feature is something that is exclusively designed to allow users to express their creativities and innovativeness.

The element will empower the clients to tweak and improve the photographs and videos before sending them to their loved ones. With WhatsApp’s new camera update, a user can edit the photos and videos and can compose or draw on then before sending. In addition to this, this new feature will also allow the users to add new emoji to express your thoughts. This new facility is available for both newly captured pictures and the existing photos. No matter if you click the pictures in real-time using WhatsApp camera or forwarding an existing photo, the new editing tools will automatically appear on the screen.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app of the current time. With more than 600 million active users, the encrypted instant messaging platform of WhatsApp has truly made the communication process easier and convenient. To maintain this flow of business, the Facebook-owned firm kept on introducing new features and versions, making the messaging facility more enjoyable and exciting and this time is no exceptional.

WhatsApp has also added the support option for the front-facing flash of WhatsApp camera which will work for the enhancement of the selfies in the gloomy atmosphere. Along with this, WhatsApp has introduced a new zooming feature in the new version which will enable the users to zoom recorded videos simply by sliding their fingers up and down on the screen. Moreover, just by double tapping the screen, the users can switch between front and rear camera while clicking pictures or recording videos.

However, if you consider the innovativeness of this new feature of WhatsApp, let me tell you, the options to customize the pictures and videos and adding new text and emoji to photos and videos has already been presented on Snapchat since a long time. To recall, this is not the first time that Facebook or is owned Applications have tried to clone the Snapchat’s features. Last week, Facebook started rolling out a new feature on its messenger app called ‘Messenger Day’ which carries the same story to Snapchat and this time is no different.

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