WhatsApp to share only phone number with Facebook but is it safe enough?

WhatsApp doesn’t Share users' sensitive information With Facebook, says company

Following the summon of Delhi High Court, Facebook-owned WhatsApp presented its response in front of the court, against the petition of sharing private data with its parental company. On Wednesday, The Delhi high court asked for the response of WhatsApp on the pledge of its data sharing the policy Facebook and end-to-end encryption appealed by two residents of Delhi.

And on the same day, WhatsApp presented its view on this pledge with the support of senior advocate Siddharth Luthra. During a brief hearing in this case, the lawyer of WhatsApp said that WhatsApp didn’t violate any rules of user’s privacy policy. The App didn’t share any chat history, pictures, and sensitive account information with its parental company Facebook, but it only shares the contact details like mobile number and the name of the users under its new policy.

On 25th August, WhatsApp had commenced some significant changes to its existing privacy policy to which it gave its users the option for sharing their details and account information with the social networking site and the owner of WhatsApp – Facebook. The App also gave the users a 30 days’ time limit to opt out of the policy, which ended on 25th September.

The judiciary bench consists of Chief Justice G Rohini and Justice Sangita Dhingra Sehgal, and the submission was made before the court on Wednesday for discussing the recently modified privacy policy of WhatsApp to share user information with Facebook.

Senior advocate Siddharth Luthra during the hearing said that WhatsApp hadn’t violated any government regulations and the rules are in their proper place. The app does not share any personal data with Facebook irrespective of the mobile number and the name of the users. Mr. Luthra also assured that WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption of all data shared among its users and does not grip any data.

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