WhatsApp for Android revived with voicemail and few novel features

whatsapp voicemail

WhatsApp, the instant messaging site is stimulated for Android platform with few new features and now is available in Beta Version. WhatsApp since its inception is continued to encourage an array of vital specs and the recent one added to its portfolio is voicemail facility. Recently, the company has started rolling out the beta version of WhatsApp v2.16.225 updated with new features on Google Play Store, and users can directly download it from the store.

This beta version of WhatsApp for Android is revived with new features like voicemail which will allow users leave a voicemail if the WhatsApp call gets unanswered. In case of your call rejected or unanswered, the WhatsApp screen will give you three options including – ‘Call Again, Cancel, and Voice Message.’

If you want to leave a voice message, then the user needs to click on the record button following by the voice call button. After recording the voice message, the users need to remove the record button and the message will be automatically sent to the intended user. The facility of voicemail can be forwarded identical to a voice message. Still, the sender cannot pre-listen the message before sending it.

Under this version, the users will also be allowed to send secret fonts by typing ” before and after the text. Apart from these two features, WhatsApp v2.16.225 will also enable users to send o forward contents like video, photo, and location to multiple contacts simultaneously. Previously, the users get the option to send content to only one user at a time. But now, with the new version, one can forward the message to several contacts instead of one at a time.

However, the new features are now available on Beta version of WhatsApp and will soon be dispatched with full-grown features.

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