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In some of the recent reports, WhatsApp was reported to be working a new functionality that will allow the users to backup their chats on the Google Drive. It isn’t new and is already in action on iOS devices with iCloud as a backup storage option.

Reports emerged when a popular online portal Android Police tipped a news about the upcoming changes in the WhatsApp for Android. Apparently, the feature is much needed in the ecosystem of the Google-owned operating system.

Several translation requests and text strings sent by the company to its volunteers working on UI clearly reflect that the company is ready with an alpha version of WhatsApp that can backup chat on the Google Drive. Another Dutch website also confirmed about receiving such requests from the WhatsApp.

Current leaks suggest that WhatsApp will offer the user to automatically backup and restore the backup from the Google Drive. Every time a new device is registered, WhatsApp will ask the user to restore the backup, however, denying that will result in the application to completely vanish the entire backup.

Currently, WhatsApp only allows its Android users to backup the chat on the device memory, but not on the cloud. However, by applying some tricks one can manually set a cloud backup option — not everybody’s cup of tea.

Even though the feature is active on iOS, sometimes it can be patchy. WhatsApp often stuck at the ‘0 bytes of data uploaded to iCloud’ or in the middle. This can be due to problems from the iCloud or technical difficulties with the messaging app.

There is no word on the availability, however, whenever such leaks have surfaced the Internet, WhatsApp releases those features in the upcoming releases. This is again a good sign for the Android users as they will not lose their chat history.

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