WhatsApp users are vulnerable to cyber crime, if they click links in the app: Report

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A message has gone viral on the most popular messaging app WhatsApp giving away a warning to the users about a video clip of Malaysian Airlines flight crashing into the sea. It believes that the clip contains a virus, however, it is still unclear that the message is true or just a hoax.

The viral message reads, “Urgent attention: someone is spreading a video clip on a MAS (Malaysian Airlines) flight crashing into the sea. Please do not open it. Immediately delete it as it contains a virus. Especially those mobile phones who have mobile banking. Please forward this message to others. It’s in the news also. Forward as received.”

Besides a report published on The Sun Newspaper has warned that by clicking the links circulated among these services make the users vulnerable to cyber threats. The report further added that the hackers are using simple tricks to fool people into visiting booby-trapped websites and then fleecing them.

Scammers are also taking advantage of WhatsApp’s recently launched video calling feature as a bait to tempt people into their trap. “If you receive an email asking you to “activate” the function by visiting a website, make sure you don’t click it. Anyone who is tricked into visiting the danger pages could end up being targeted by digital criminals,” the report pointed out.

The WhatsApp video calling feature is now live on Android, Windows 10 and iOS platforms. And to use the feature all you have to do is just update your existing app from an official store. The company will not ask you to click on some link to ‘Activate’ or to get some invite as the feature is now publicly available.

Apart from this, the stats suggest that currently there are more than 160 million active WhatsApp users in India using the services in 10 different regional languages. In addition, about 100 million calls are being made via the app daily around the world.

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