What is the Pass Rate for the PMP exam?

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Managing the projects with prowess is definitely the need of the hour for most of the large scale companies. If the projects are not handled properly then they might face severe loss for their business. That is why most of the companies look to hire the best person to manage their projects with prowess.

While searching for the project managers, previously companies did not pay any heed to the need for the certifications. But as performance matters, the skill level is also important for larger companies. Certification is basically the manifestation of the prowess an individual has achieved as far as the skill levels are concerned. In this regard, project managers have many options when it comes to availing a certification to project their skill level.

For project managers, PMP® Certification is probably one of the biggest things that they can have in order to excel in your career. However, most of the people fail to recognize the importance of PMP certification and that is why they fail to shine in their careers.

Now, a lot of candidates who sit for the exam want to know what the pass rate is for this examination. So, if you have the same question lingering in your mind then you should know that there is no pass rate for the PMP certification exam. PMI has stopped declaring the pass rate now. So, how the pass rate is calculated is important to know because it will help you to prepare for the exam comprehensively. Therefore, let’s have a look at how PMI actually goes about determining the pass rate of the exam.

Difficulty Level of the Question

The first and foremost thing that you have to understand while getting an idea about the approach of PMI in determining the pass rate is the difficulty level of the question paper. Now, the question set you will be answering will have question set on the basis of three categories of difficulty level. Those categories will be easy, moderate, and hard. This difficulty level of the question paper will be determined by PMI. So, you have to be very much aware of which questions you are answering and if you are able to understand its difficulty level then you can have some idea about its pass rate.

Number of Questions Answered

When you are attempting this exam, another thing that will play a key role in your pass rate is the number of questions you have answered in this exam. So, suppose, you have a question set in which almost 70% of the question is easy to answer. In this case, the pass rate will be high and you have to score high marks in order to clear this exam. In another instance, you have 70% of the question in your question set which is hard to answer. In that case, the pass rate will be low. So, if you face difficult questions in the exam and feel down and out then don’t worry because PMI will adjust the pass rate according to the questions you answer.

Difficulty Level of the Questions Answered

This is another interesting thing that PMI does while determining the pass rate of your exam. So, what will they do is they will calculate the number of difficult questions you are answering in the examination. Suppose, if the question set has 70% difficult question in the entire question set, PMI will see how many you have attempted in those difficult questions. Well, the determination of pass rate is a tremendous factor

What Can You Do?

As you can see already, finding a way to calculate the pass rate of your exam is difficult than any other things in the PMP certification exam. The time and effort you will give in determining the pass rate will be worthy of investing in some other places. So, now the question that will linger in your mind is what can you do because you will be shooting arrows in the dark? Let’s see how you should approach this situation.

1. Don’t Think About the Pass Rate Too Much

When you start thinking about the pass rate and everything else associated with it, you start acting like a paranoid.  So, you should not be thinking too much about the situation. Yes, not knowing the pass rate or not having even in the faintest of ideas about the pass rate will bring jitters to your stomach. But, you have to know that there are other candidates who are facing the same and helpless situations during their examination. If they are clearing the exams so why can’t you?

The reason why they clear the exam is they don’t think about it or don’t prioritize the pass rate as a factor for the exam. They just go through their motions as they have made the preparations of the PMP certification exam in a flawless way. Therefore, stop thinking about the pass rate because it is something that you have no control over.

2. Focus on Your Preparations Because That is the Key

If you constantly think about the pass rate or constantly think about what will happen if the pass rate is too high then the only thing that you will be doing is infusing panic in your mind which is never a good thing for an aspirant of PMP certification exam.  The more you panic the worse your preparation will get. You need to have the focus to prepare yourself properly for this exam.

Unless and until you focus, you cannot prepare yourself well for the exam. So, when you sit in the exam, you will be able to answer the easy questions and will struggle with the difficult ones which will cause your downfall. That is why all your focus should be on how you prepare for this exam. Otherwise, you will struggle to find your feet in the exam.

3. Be Consistent with the Preparations

Some people fail the PMP certification exam and complain that the pass rate was too high and that is why they failed. But, the fact of the matter is, so many others are passing the same exam. So, why they are failing? The most obvious reason for their failure is that they haven’t prepared themselves for the examination in the proper fashion. If they did that then they would not have been complaining about the difficulty level of the questions.

Another reason for their failure would be, they focus too much on the pass rate instead of focusing on their preparations. If you don’t want to be one of those failures then you should also stay consistent with the preparations. This will reduce your chances of failure significantly.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the chances of clearing the exam will depend on how you prepare and not on the pass rate. Yes, the pass rate will play an important factor, but, as you don’t have any control over the pass rate. It will be highly advisable to concentrate on what is in your hand and that is the preparation of the PMP certification exam.

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