Man becomes $16,7000 rich by selling Whale Vomit ‘Ambergris’

Whale vomit 'Ambergris' sold for whopping $16,700

Who could have imagined that something as weird as whale vomit would sell for whopping $16,700. Yes, you are reading correctly, a man walking near sea shore discovered an object weighing 1.1 kg. Later it was confirmed that the object was whale vomit a.k.a. ambergris. Its founder decided to put in an auction after seeing a pool of people intrested in buying the ambergris.

The auction conducted at northern England estimated its price around $7,600 to $10.600, but the 20 cm long balck-yellow colored chunk exceeded everybody’s estimation and was sold at nearly double the estimated price.

Before starting the bidding, the auction house made sure that the strange object was whale vomit as many objects including palm oil, fat, and rubber resembled ambergris. After several authorities confirmed its genuinity then auction was started.

50 bidders were present in the Macclesfield’s auction house personally to buy the whale vomit while bidding was also done through phone and over the internet. At last two people were very keen but the strange obejct. Ironically both finalists weren’t present in the auction house. One was bidding through internet while other was bidding on the phone. At last, telephone bidder won the battle by spending $16,700.

The buyer has witheld his identity and had requested the auction house not to reveal details. In addition, the founder also requested the auction house to keep his identity hidden from the world and also the beach where the whale vomit was found.

The discovered ambergris is nearly 50 years old. It is widely used in perfume industry. In fact, perfume industry considers it as a valuable treasure as it enhances the life of a scent.

Ambergris is produced in a sperm whale’s digestive system. Buying or selling it in many countries is illegal.

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