Raju Vanapala, Founder and CEO, Way2online speaking at Hyderaad on Wednesday. Way2sms rebranded as Way2 to offer news in shorts besides free SMSes

Hyderabad-based marquee startup Way2SMS, which had earlier revolutionised the free and unlimited SMSes space, has rebranded itself as Way2 to reflect both the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future. Keeping pace and evolving in tune with the dynamic app arena, the pioneering SMS services brand has added a new, exciting and contemporary segment of news updates to its mobile application, which will initially be made available in eight Indian languages besides English.

‘Way2’ is a mobile application that brings to subscribers short summarised nuggets of news in local languages in a magazine style format in just 400 characters. Founder Mr. Raju Vanapala has invested USD $2 million in building the app, which took a year to get the team and infrastructure in place. Way2 will offer short news bytes in English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati and Kannada. This surely is set to offer useful as well as a time-saving experience of news reading to the subscribers anywhere and anytime.

Way2 will initially leverage Way2SMS’ strong user base of 45 million, which on heydays saw a revolution in free and unlimited SMSing through its web application. It keeps its objectives aligned with the latest mantra of connectivity and information access at all times at the easiest fashion. Since mobile apps have turned into an order of the day across the world, Way2 intends to tap the section of news seekers realising fast and quick news bytes.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vanapala, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Way2Online said, “Way2 stands out to address the most exciting segment of offering news bits on the mobile with its USP being the language of choice. The idea is to enable the reader to assimilate all the major occurrences across the world without having to spend too much time poring over lengthy articles. However, in case the reader wants to read further, there is the option of going to the original site for exploring the news in greater detail.”

“The genesis of offering this new product is that we want to become an essential part of our consumers’ daily lives like we already have with Way2SMS. The current Way2 has got over 5 million downloads organically and gets over 600,000 visitors a day and sees 14,000 new downloads. News consumption is a daily habit for most people. Also, a huge chunk of people may have access to the Internet but not to news in their local language. With Way2, we are foraying into the large untapped segment of news readers who want to consume news in their native language.” Mr. Raju added.

The Way2 brand idea is spurred by the fact that the next-gen digital revolution is about to dawn in rural and suburban markets when regional flavour is set to emanate in its fullest form (The local language user base has increased by 47 percent in June 2015 as compared to June 2014). Offering quick news in regional languages in short, crisp and easy manner through an app at one’s disposal makes it all the more attractive.

Piggybacking on the inherent brand value of Way2SMS, the app is seeing a lot of traction among the users for short news with over 8 million screen views per day. What is interesting to note here is that these numbers have been reached without any promotional activity being undertaken to evangelise the product.

Introducing the service, the company reported that Way2Online is India’s leading new media organisation that operates consumer internet/mobile brands and also data driven marketing to many other brands in the country. The focal business of way2online is operating brands such as way2sms, 160by2 and way2. With a 50-million plus registered consumer base, way2online is primarily known for its data-driven marketing in the country with over 1000 marquee clientele. The company’s data-driven marketing offerings provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions to country’s leading brands, enabling them to acquire, retain and grow their customers. Way2online is uniquely positioned in the business space with the combination of large-scale consumers and data-driven marketing tools.

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