Humback whale swims free that was stuck in the fishnet since August near Dana point (Video+)

entangled humpback whale frees itself near dana point

An aquatic rescue group has liberated a humpback whale that was ensnared in angling gear on Cape Cod, in August of this year Authorities from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are reported to notice a humpback whale in the Newport Beach and Dana Point a week ago and another whale was also noticed on Monday which is expected to be the same whale ensnarement groups have attempted to free.

In August, the giant Humpback trapped in fishing lines and entwined. The Provincetown-based Center for Coastal Studies’ Marine Animal Entanglement Response team unraveled the whale in Chatham on Friday. Whale monitoring boats from Newport Beach and Dana Point has clicked some pictures of the whale seen in last week and this Monday and have compared photos thoroughly and reported that taken both whales are the same and it is that whale which was detained in August. As it has distinctive markings and dorsal fin, the researchers are expected it to be the same one which was liberated last Friday.

The footage of the Whale taken on Saturday is demonstrating that the whale is still moving with the entangled line. But when Ryan Lawler, the captain of a boat on Newport Coastal Adventures, took drone footage on Sunday of the humpback during the noshing with a shell of dolphins, the stroke appeared to be vanished, which in other way stated that, the humpback liberated itself from the knot.

Dave Anderson, the chief of Capt. Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari, reported that two captains of his boat mottled the whale on Monday as it cropped up and attacked the boat. During this time, some video and photos were clicked by the underwater pod of the boat which clearly indicates that there is no more mess in the whale.

“This is so awesome, I would never have thought this animal could free itself. I was very frustrated that we would get ready to go help it, and for a variety of reasons, had to stand down. This is such good news and we are thankful to everyone involved in the excellent documentation of this entanglement. It’s a good day off the coast of Orange County,” says Captain Dave Anderson.

Over 1,000 whales and dolphins die every day around the globe due to fishing entanglement. In a similar incident last year, India’s national aquatic animal starved to death in Balasore district. Last week, a 47 foot long Blue whale that stranded for six hours on the Konkan Beach in Maharashtra was later rescued by the locals and pushed back into the sea.

Watch the stunning video where entangled humpback whale frees itself

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  • It is worth a scene to observe these photographs with the happy & relaxed movements of the creature on the lap of Mother Nature. Whosoever has done this loving did, I have no word, powerful enough to thank that person for this wonderful job.

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