Is alien invasion possible? Alien hunters spot UFO in front of Supermoon (Video+)

Watch this stunning video of UFO flying past Supermoon; Proof of aliens!

November witnessed one of the most spectacular celestial event of this year when the moon made closest approach to Earth during full moon in last 69 years. The supermoon was largest and brightest in last seven decades and people around the globe went crazy to get a glimpse of the celestial extravaganza.

Space enthusiasts and scientists came out with their telescopes and cameras to capture the stunning moment. People all around the globe shared their incredible clicks on the internet and some of them went viral on the social media.

Meanwhile, alien hunter and Youtuber David McCarty claims that he has spotted a UFO flying past Moon on the night of November 14. McCarty was capturing the breathtaking phenomenon of Supermoon in his camera when he found some mysterious object flying past the moon.

“I thought this would be a special thing to film but when I was reviewing the video in full screen I noticed something even more impressive. I had caught a “UFO” passing in front of the super moon. Watch carefully at about 00:51 for it to pass along the bottom of the lunar disc,”  said McCarty.

Previously, alien hunters have discovered alien face resting near alien base located on the Copernicus Crater, two missiles in military formation on Moon, Circular UFO on Moon, Alien missile or UFO on Moon during Apollo 11 mission, and several other mysterious objects that suggest aliens do live.

The event has given another chance to conspiracy theorists to claim that aliens exist. UFO hunters believe that aliens do linger around moon and mars, but some somehow we humans have failed to catch them live.

Watch the video showing UFO in front of Supermoon

In some areas, the Supermoon was more brighter than others. As declared by NASA’s astronomers, the natural phenomenon Supermoon reached at its most glowing phase in North America earlier than the sunrise on Monday followed by North America. After NA, it got into its crown stage in Asia and the South Pacific on the same day while in New Zealand, the supermoon arrived its brightest point following Tuesday midnight on local time.

A supermoon usually happens on full moon days when the moon managed to situate in a close position to the earth. A new moon or a full moon with the circumscribing methodology of the Lunar makes to the Earth on its bent circle and this nearest approach of the moon towards the earth creates the greatest size of the lunar which is called Supermoon. Supermoon is scientific terms is called “perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun framework”. At the point when two things like the nearest approach of the moon towards the edge of the Earth and a full moon happen on one single day, the size of the moon gets bigger and brighter, which can easily be noticed from earth.

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  • Based upon it’s speed, it looks like he caught an earth orbiting satellite transiting the moon. More like a UOO – Unidentified Orbiting Object 😉

    • Given that there are around 2,300 satellites currently in orbit – not to mention a vast orbiting junk yard of other discarded carp – it would have been more ‘stunning’ if the cameras trained on the moon that night had NOT spotted one or more of them.

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