U.S. Space agency NASA has developed a video to view and acknowledge the unnoticed magnetic field of the Sun, serving as an important fact for future deep space travel. It will help them to see that how the magnetic field behaves.

In the video there are invisible magnetic lines displayed where the Sun is looking like a mass of noodle-like energy in steady flux, pulsating and sending out the bursts of particles that are magnetically-charged. As we know that the Sun is a giant star having magnetic properties, built of the material that travels in concert with the laws of electromagnetism.

In these invisible fields, the researchers observed the material on the Sun; they are not sure where the magnetic field of the Sun is created. The Sun is made up of plasma that is a gas-like state of matter in which electrons and ions have separated, creating a high warm mixture of particles that are charged.

For the video, they have turned to the observations made in real time and computer simulations to best analyses how the material courses from the solar upper atmosphere, the million degrees corona that can’t be seen in the visible light. The magnetic field of the sun is the factor accounting for the solar explosions making the space weather of our planet to the interplanetary magnetic field and radiation from which our probes journeying around the solar system must move.

Dean Pesnell, space scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre said that, at solar maximum, the magnetic field has a very complex shape with small structures throughout the active places seen whereas at the solar minimum, the field becomes weaker and at the poles it becomes concentrated, being a very smooth structure that doesn’t create sunspots.

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