See Pic: NASA astronaut clicks breathtaking image of Earth covered in sheet of fire from ISS

Watch this stunning image of Earth covered in fire captured from ISS

View of Earth from the International Space Station (ISS) is amazing and an astronaut aboard ISS has shared an incredible image that shows earth covered in a sheet of fire. The stunning image was captured on October 27 by a crew member of Expedition 49 using Nikon D4 camera with a 240-millimetre lens. The ISS crew Earth Observations facility and the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, Johnson Space have shown the courtesy to share the image today.

The image shows different layers of Earth’s marvellous atmosphere that has blue tinch spreading across the south Atlantic. The stretched out Sun has covered the planet in orange colour over dark sky which appears as if Earth is covered in fire. The entire scene is mesmerising and delight to watch for sky gazers.

Astronauts aboard ISS are blessed to witness sunrise and sunset nearly 400 kilometres above the Earth and the view is breathtaking. Expedition 49 crew sees sixteen sunrises and sixteen sunsets every day as ISS completes 16 revolutions of Earth each day. These astronauts view sunrise and sunset at a gap of 90 minutes.

As per the details revealed by the space agency, the troposphere – the lowest layer – can be seen as the orange-brown line, and contains clouds, dust, and smoke. The smoke and dust particles are responsible for the strong red colour of the sunset, they say.

According to the US space agency, there has been a drop in Sun’s activity level since 2011, but still the view of sunset is striking.

Images captured by Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory from Nov 14-18 reveal just a handful of barely-visible spots on the surface of the sun, which is otherwise as blank as a cue ball. The sun follows a pendulum-like pattern of activity over roughly an 11-year period, and while scientists say this behaviour is not unusual, some have warned the current trend could send Earth into a ‘mini ice age.’

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